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Locksmith service you can trust!

Can a locksmith make me a new key for my vehicle if I lost mine? 

Yes! A locksmith can help with most years, makes and models for making new keys and fobs. 


The benefits of using a locksmith for making new keys and fobs: 

1.  Flexible Hours: A locksmith like Locksmith Solutions is available after normal business hours and during the weekend.  


2.  Mobile Service: Similar to our service in Colorado Springs, a locksmith can arrive to your location and make a key wherever the vehicle is located, so you don't need to tow your vehicle. 


3.  Pricing: Prices are more affordable with a locksmith.  


 Locksmiths carry a variety of keys and fobs with powerful programmers and key-cutting machine.

 What questions should I ask when calling a locksmith for a home, vehicle, or business lockout?

1. Are you a local locksmith? (make sure it is not a call center)

2. What is the name of your company and where are you located?

3. ⁠What is the name of the technician who’s performing the service?

4. ⁠What is the full price for the service? (an experienced locksmith should be able to give an accurate price range for lockout)

5. How long will it take for the technician to arrive? 


If the locksmith can't answer those questions, they may not be honest and professional, so you should try contacting a local professional. 

Can a locksmith change all of my locks to one key for my home or business? 

Absolutely!  A locksmith can rekey the locks, which is a process of changing the pins inside the lock for a desirable key. A locksmith can also change the locks and rekey the new locks to make all the locks to the same key.

How to rekey kwikset smart key lock?

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